p.v.d.f composite sheets

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p.v.d.f composite sheets

p.v.d.f. composite sheets alcostone consists of two layers of aluminum.
its outer surface is coated under the name of poly vinyl den fluoride which is a special resin and because of the polymeric layer as well as the fluorine element it protects the surface of the sheet and its durability and stability against adverse weather conditions and radiation. ultraviolet and acidic and alkaline conditions so that the coating provides a completely reliable appearance for at least twenty years. the paint applied with the resin on the sheet surface does not apply directly to the aluminum, and then a polyurethane primer layer is applied to the aluminum then the paint layer is added.
decorating each structure with this sheet will be like wearing aluminum clothing to adorn and protect the structures. alkaston sheets are an economical and economical option, and the restriction of new and different designs to the appearance of each type will only lead to the designer's imagination, and we will not be deterred by reduced product quality and durability.
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