alcoston composite sheets is a new technology known as f.e.v.e ( shine )

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alcoston composite sheets is a new technology known as f.e.v.e ( shine )

alcoston composite sheets is a new technology known as feve (shine) sheets whose exterior is a beautiful and glossy surface. low strength, flexibility and ease of installation and implementation are the characteristics of alcoston composite which is the dream of every architecture. f.e.v.e coating sheets (fluoroethylene vinyl ether) alcoston is a new generation of fluoropolymer coating technology that is completely different from p.v.d.f coating and is usable in the exterior of the building. the f.e.v.e color coating has been used as a solvent-soluble fluoropolymer in the aerospace industry since the 1980s, the architecture of large-scale construction projects as well as metallurgy has received widespread worldwide over the last 25 years.

important features of alcoston's f.e.v.e coatings include:

1. high resistance to the harmful effects of uv rays
2. excellent heat resistance
3. significant resistance to the effects of chemicals.

unique formulation features of alcoston's f.e.v.e coatings:

1. solvent and solubility
2. ability to reach glass (high gloss).

benefits of resins used in alcoston f.e.v.e coatings:

1. this type of coating is highly adaptable to pigments and therefore has a wide range of colors.
2. the f.e.v.e resins used in alkaston sheets are soluble polymers and as a result the colors of this color coating are brighter and have a very high resolution.
3. this color coating is ideal for replacing, repairing and adding a new color coating layer.
since the f.e.v.e resins used in alcoston sheets exhibit fluoropolymer and urethane properties, they provide excellent bonding with aluminum, steel and fiberglass substrates.
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